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Sunny Side of Hell

I know I posted Grieves on here recently already, but I can’t stress how much this album is needed. It’s brought back some flame in me and is inspiring me to write more personal.

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On the Rocks

Soooo… This was the first single from Grieves new album, “Together, Apart” I had seen it being leaked on sites but never listened to this dude until my brother just suggested this CD to me. Dude is nice! and this happens to be my favorite song off of it. (so far) Definitely shouldn’t have slept on this shit! Kinda reminds me of Sims from Doomtree?… idk if anyone else hears that. Anyways just feel this in your soul! Go support realness and get this album!

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Same Ol' Line f. Evidence & Fashawn

So, while catching up on some blog reading, I came across this track. Of coarse it’s going to be an instant download, due to the features, but wow! This track is solid start to finish! I speak from a standpoint of not knowing Guru, but this is something i think he’d love to hear, and it serves as a superior to many other tributes to him. Evidence and Fashawn do what they do best on their respective verses, but the surprise is the homie A.V.I.U.S. (who I had never heard) ripped his verse and proved to be able to hold his own amongst the more well known emcees. Another upside is the beat is far better than a lot of what i hear some rappers use, and the producer, Es Nine, is out of the same camp as AVIUS! So keep your ears peeled for some more new music by these up and comers!

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